Lauren+Nick, a garden romance at the Hemingway Home, Key West, FL

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LOVE begins in a MOMENT, grows over TIME, and lasts an ETERNITY ❤️

A little bit about Lauren & Nick...

So: What has led us to this point? How did Lauren and Nick come to choose one another as the most important person for their future?

Lauren and Nick met each other in grad school in Miami.  Nick said he instantly noticed Lauren on the first day. She told Nick she didn't notice him that first week until a group of them went out to lunch together - and then she noticed his blue eyes while he was saying something at the table.

Lauren said they were working on this weird multimedia project. She says they were just friends at first, but then started getting coffee every morning. Lauren noticed that he would always order the same black coffee, with just a bit of cream, and she started to like him and his ways.

Nick and Lauren spent more and more time together and became close during a school project in Puerto Rico. After that, according to Lauren, it sounded like Nick had to break up with a girlfriend. Once that had happened, Nick showed up at her door one night, unannounced, which Lauren normally hates. But after that, they were dating.

They both say that their story is a little strange, since they decided to split up after grad school, go to different cities, with different jobs - but they kept in contact, and rarely went for more than a week without talking to each other.

Nick says it was a gradual realization that they couldn’t live without each other.

Lauren says that he's the first and last unannounced visitor she  ever hopes to have . :)


And what do these two think about each other and what were the reasons they decided to make this leap?


Well, Lauren loves how Nick likes to have quiet music and read while listening to classical music every morning......whereas she is pretty much the opposite and likes to ask him all kinds of questions and what they are going to do for the day and what’s the plan and he's just like....

mmm hmm yea.

-she loves his interest in art and philosophy, he's always reciting some extremely esoteric quote while they are out and about-could be about the meaning of life and fun bc they’re in an airport or it could be while we are in grocery store and he's talking about " this is wate r" and you have to appreciate the cracker aisle.

Lauren knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Nick when she called him up one day after a lot had happened in her family and asked him - on a whim - if he would move to Austin with her and start a company - without a second of hesitation he said yes. He quit his job and rented a Uhaul to pick her up from DC :)

It was one the bravest and most confident things she’s ever seen anyone do.

What Lauren loves about Nick:

- The way he scratches his nose and hates putting lotion on his hands so he does this weird knuckle application

- His open-mindedness and willing to try anything or think of things in a different way

- His ability to be giving and take care of the people that matter

 - How he always does the laundry, dishes and takes out the trash but most importantly he always makes the coffee and brings it to her :) she loooooves this.


Nick says that Lauren seemed shy and reserved when he first met her but he soon realized that she had the weirdest, most ridiculous sense of humor. She had this uncanny ability to make up the most bizarre, random stories right on the spot that was extremely impressive. That's one of the biggest things that connected Nick and Lauren in the beginning and still keeps them close today.

Things that Nick loves about Lauren:

- He loves traveling with Lauren. She has a very healthy sense of adventure and there's never a dull moment when we're on a trip in some foreign country together.

- He loves how weird she is in private, and her endless curiosity about everything. He loves how absolutely fearless she is.

 - He loves that he is running a company with her - that they built 7 Mile Media from the ground up - together.

- And that it introduces a lot of challenges that many other couples don’t have to face, not working day in and day out together - but that ultimately it’s made their relationship so much stronger.


So when they look ahead, 20, 30, 50 years - what do they see for their future?

Nick sees that they 've built a global empire together and we're running the world - obviously! In 20 years they’re killing it with their company, realizing their personal and professional dreams together, traveling the world. In short, living the dream life they had always imagined for ourselves.

Lauren  hopes it’s full of adventures, going places, being proud of each other and the work we've accomplished or the lives we have created. I hope to see some of our dreams realized at each decade :)

 Congratulations Lauren & Nick! Wishing you many years of happiness and prosperity. ~Soiree Key West

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