Key West Wedding Planner

Meet Nika, lead wedding planner. A Key West native with over 15 years of hospitality and wedding experience. I will work with you to ensure your event lives up to your dreams. I believe that together, we can achieve a successful event you dream of and deserve - at no point in the planning process will I make decisions without consulting you. I will always discuss every available option with you, because I believe that only you know exactly what you want, need and what you can afford. A few of the most important factors in a successful event of your dreams is affordability, reasonable and one that meets your budget. Sadly, there are many planners who simply take over the planning process without truly discussing your event goals with you, and who prefer to make decisions for you…I am not one of those planners. I am committed to providing high quality and reliable service for our clients. I hope you will enjoy using our services as much as I enjoy providing them to you. Here's the bottom line: your happiness means our success!

So, when I'm not planning weddings, I'm enjoying family life, anything on the water and under the sun is the best remedy, traveling and seeing new things, meeting new people, and enjoying the company of my three chihuahua fur babies. 

Some of my favorites....Drinking Iced Mocha McCafe, Eating Prime Rib Steaks, Having chickens as pets, Wanting a chameleon that I can call Larry, Watching Steel Magnolias, Fascinated with paranormal tv shows, and of course, celebrating the holidays with my loved ones.

Key West Wedding Planner

Meet Kelsey, our wedding coordinator extraordinaire. I was born and raised in Alabama but I have been a Florida girl for the past two years. My southern roots have taught me that a little hospitality can go a long way. I try to embody that not only in my personal life but in my professional life as well. Although I am new to the event planning industry with 2 years of experience I have always had a passion for bringing people together. The fact that unforgettable memories, happiness, and relationships can be formed from an event that I helped plan or simply attended  has always astounded me. I think people are happier when they are together; therefore, I have made it my mission to make sure that every event I partake in has a lasting affect on everyone. Being a newlywed myself, I know how extremely special your big day can be and I take pride in knowing that I will do whatever it takes to make your day extraordinary.

Some of my favorites… Getting lost in a good book, Sipping Margaritas on the beach, Taking way too many pictures of my cat and not being ashamed of it, Binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix, Singing loudly and off key to country music, Playing Mini Golf and having Nerf Gun battles with my husband, Sampling any and every dessert I can, and enjoying the company of great family and friends!